SAMPS was previously Association of Commercial Professionals for Life Sciences (ACP-LS)

2016 Annual Meeting

Speakers and Topics

With Fast Evolving Customer Expectations, Can Life Science Marketing Keep Up with the Pace?

Hrissi_SamartzidouHrissi Samartzidou
Vice President of Biosciences Marketing, Thermo Fisher Scientific

With the influx of new media and information technologies over the last decade, Life Science customer expectations have been evolving rapidly and are more influenced by consumer markets: brand promise, ecommerce, service, support, reliability, packaging, etc.
Equally fast, responsive, and potentially radical Life Science Marketing adaptations will be required for positive customer engagement, loyalty, and advocacy. Experiential observations and other key insights will be shared and discussed in an effort to collaboratively develop a new blueprint for effective Life Science Marketing, which is apt for this new era of personalized customer engagement and involvement.

Building Your Brand as a Leader

Dorie ClarkDorie Clark
Marketing Strategy Consultant; Washington Post best-selling author

Being recognized as a compelling leader can dramatically accelerate your professional success. Drawing from her book Stand Out, Dorie Clark – a Duke University Fuqua School of Business professor, former presidential campaign spokesperson, and Harvard Business Review contributor – will show you how to cultivate a powerful professional reputation. You’ll learn how to:

Creating More Career Shots on Goal

Tom SelligTom Sellig
Sr Vice President of Sales, Patheon

We should all be building our network, but it doesn’t always come naturally. How do you network efficiently and consistently? What behaviors build a network without looking like networking? Tom Sellig will share specific strategies and real actions you can take inside and outside your company, from social media to lunch invitations. You’ll learn:

- How networking can help advance your career
- How to start a network and keep it alive
- Strategies for online and offline networking

And you can increase your value to your employer as well. Find out:

- Who can help you in your current role or prepare for the next one
- What projects you could take on inside or outside your organization
- How to keep it fun and interesting

Your Brand Faces Both Ways: Creating Internal Alignment Among Employees

David ChapinDavid Chapin
Chief Executive Officer, Forma Life Science Marketing

In this presentation David Chapin of Forma Life Science Marketing will be joined by a client to discuss their use of archetypes. They will review the concept of archetypes and show how this was applied to this client’s specific situation. Data from employee surveys will be reviewed.

At the conclusion of this session, attendees will be able to describe how mission, vision, values fail to align employees and be familiar with:

Panel Discussion: The Future of Life Science Marketing and Sales

The old news is that 70% of the buyer's decision process is complete before they ever talk to a sales representative. Website search, social media, content marketing and other digital technologies are rapidly extending the marketer's potential reach into the customer's buying process farther than ever before.

What's going to be the long-term effect? How will the structure and operation of marketing and sales in the life sciences change in the near future? What skills and experience will be required of leaders in this new commercial environment?

This year, the SAMPS has gathered a panel of leaders from the life sciences to shed light on these and other important questions. Each of the panelists has personally faced the challenges of our evolving commercial environment and will share their experience, guidance and predictions for the future.

Chuck DruckerChuck Drucker, Moderator
Head of Alliance Management, Q2 Solutions, a Quintiles Quest Joint Venture

Jack BallJack Ball
President, Tyball Associates, Inc.

Kevin GoudreauKevin Goudreau
Vice President, Commercial Development, DaVita Clinical Research

Howard GoldsteinHoward Goldstein
Head of Strategic Initiatives, GenapSys, Inc.



Panel Discussion – Customer Firing Line

Bill KellyBill Kelly, Moderator
President, BioInformatics LLC

What have you ALWAYS wanted to ask your customers but never had the chance? A diverse panel of researchers and purchasing agents from life science companies will share their thoughts and experiences around marketing and sales of products and services.

Do you want to know:

Ask whatever you want.

Skill Development Workshops

How to Consistently Create Compelling Content

Nick OswaldNick Oswald
Founder, Bitesize Bio

Creating a steady stream of valuable content is often the biggest challenge in content marketing. This workshop is led by Bitesize Bio, an organization that has dramatically grown its subscriber base with a consistently applied content marketing strategy.

In the workshop, Nick will discuss Bitesize Bio's strategy and help you learn how to apply it to your own organization.

Equipping Your Marketing Tool Belt

Olga TorresOlga Torres
Director of Marketing, Averica Discovery

Marketing tools automate and amplify a company’s message and brand. The tools available support all aspects of marketing; SEO, social media management, graphics, lead nurturing, and analytics. Effective tools help the marketing professional obtain meaningful data and develop a strategy based on that data. How do we select the right tools and integrate them into the overall marketing plan?

This presentation highlights two specific marketing efforts used at Averica. The talk explores selection of the appropriate tools, execution, evaluation and optimization based on the results. The scalable process implemented at Averica offers lessons to companies of any size, showing the effective integration of tools in building a strong marketing program.

Young Punks – Social and Inbound Marketing in Life Science

RoRobert Englandbert England
Lead, Up for Life, Up, There, Everywhere

Robert will be giving the talk entitled, “Young Punks”, about social and inbound marketing in life science, and how provocative opinion plus evidence are the keys to success in regulated markets.

Robert loves gadgets and anyone who likes to talk about David Bowie.

Mapping the Buyer's Journey to Create Exactly the Content You Need

Chris ConnerChris Conner
Content Strategist and Host, Life Science Marketing Radio

In this session, I help marketers map their customers' buying journey in detail to discover the information prospects are looking for at each stage. Participants will leave with an understanding of the process and the beginnings of a complete content marketing plan.

Once completed, the plan will give them an outline for each asset, the form of the contents and ideas on how any asset can easily be repurposed to expand their reach.

Converting Problems Into Profit – The Critical Roles of Sales, Marketing and Product Management

Alan GersteinAlan Gerstein
Content Strategist and Former Manager of Technical Support, GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Through engaging discussion and role-play, attendees at this session will:

Differentiating Your Entire Product Portfolio

The Linus Group

There's little argument that the life science industry has grown significantly in the past decade. Scientists are bombarded, more sophisticated than ever before, and driven by different ideals and values. As companies launch new products or consolidate, they're realizing that product-by-product marketing is inefficient and ineffective, and "complete workflow solutions" do not resonate with scientists. So how do you escape this trap and position your entire portfolio? In this 1.5-hour workshop, The Linus Group's strategy team will provide a step-by-step overview on how to elevate your value proposition beyond your products and rationalize your entire product portfolio.

Commercial executives will explore:

ROI: Proxies, Personas and Gorillas

Stephanie PeacockStephanie Peacock
Founder, SJP Marketing

Garima MehtaGarima Mehta
Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing; Thermofisher

Chris PrudenteChris Prudente
Channel Consultant, HubSpot

In recent years, ROI has become the ultimate test of success for many marketing activities. While there is increasing pressure to determine how to maximize each marketing dollar spent, the growth of marketing channels and divergence of customer communication preferences has increased the complexity of applying ROI calculations. In the Life Sciences landscape, there are multiple influencers and purchasers involved in most orders that are not transparent at the point of sale, thus adding additional difficulty to understanding which marketing channels are most effective.

During this workshop, we will use case studies from large and small Life Sciences companies, an overview of current solutions and best practices from a leading solutions provider to unravel the complexity of determining ROI in a multi-channel environment.

Discussion will include examples of:

After this sessions, attendees will have executable examples and ideas of how to better assess marketing channel effectiveness in their own organizations.

Selling with Insight: How you sell is more important than what you sell.

Stephen ArcherStephen Archer
Spring Partnership

It has been shown that over half of customer loyalty is a result not of what you sell, but how you sell.

To win today you’ve got to equip sales people with tools to generate demand in a world of hard to access, well informed and yet cautious customers.

The Insight Seller has a deep understanding of the customer’s organisation and uses that understanding to change the customer’s thinking and teach them something new about how their company can compete more effectively.

Workshops: Life Science Marketing Essentials, Life Science Digital Marketing

Guy Page, Pacific Biomarketing and Sheila Burns, Managing Director at Building 12 Communications

Guy PageSheila Burns

The course has been re-organized and enhanced with valuable new content.
Two separate sessions will be offered – each with a different focus. Sessions will be roughly 3.5 hours and will include training, case studies, practical takeaways and opportunities for discussion.

The morning will be dedicated to Life Science Marketing Essentials. The most useful and popular topics from the 2015 training have been selected for greater focus and intensity. Among the topics dealt with are:

In the afternoon, we turn to Life Science Digital Marketing. We’ll cover strategies, tools and the most current thinking on a wide range of digital topics. In addition to core subjects like website, email, social media and marketing automation, we’ll look at




































Program Team


Hrissi Samartzidou, Vice President, Biosciences Marketing at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Hrissi_SamartzidouHrissi holds a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Houston and has held numerous commercial leadership positions over the last 15 years in both R&D and life science marketing. At Thermo Fisher Scientific, Hrissi is responsible for the marketing strategy, portfolio development, and commercialization, as well as e-business, e-commerce, and digital marketing for biosciences and also for channel marketing. Prior to Thermo Fisher Scientific, she held leadership roles at Promega, GE Healthcare LIfe Sciences, and Amersham Biosciences.



Adrian Pencak, Vice President, Global Business Development, Early Phase Services, ICON Clinical Research

Adrian_PencakAdrian has over 25 years of experience and has helped the companies he's worked with break into, develop, expand, and improve their global footprint within the life sciences arena. He has demonstrated a track record of success in general management, sales, and marketing with life science service providers. At ICON Clinical Research, Adrian has global responsibility for early phase business development.  Previous leadership roles included Vice President Data Technology, General Manager of North America for mid size CRO, VP of Sales and Marketing, Principal Sales Consultant at Oracle, and Product Development Director.

Program Team Lead

Guy Page, PhD.

Guy Page has a long history in the science and business of life sciences. After an extensive research career, he began his business career at Promega. He has created and led marketing and sales programs at diverse companies, including Gelman Sciences (now part of Pall Corporation), Genisphere, BD Biosciences, Amnis Corporation, AMG, Adaptive Biotechnologies and IntegenX. Most recently, Guy created the Pacific Biomarketing Group to serve the life science marketing and sales community with a suite of strategic and tactical marketing and sales support services.

Team Members

Name Job Title Company
Andy Bertera Executive Director of Marketing New England BioLabs
Mandy Febus Global Customer Marketing Gilson
Kevin Goudreau Vice President, Commercial Development DaVita Clinical Research
Geri Beyer VP Marketing and Business Development Innovative Supply Solutions
Debra Santolini Strategic Marketing
Chris Conner Independent Consulting Words 2 Wow Life Science Marketing
Stephanie Peacock Independent Consulting Novus Biologicals/Bio-Techne
SAMPS, Sales And Marketing Professionals in Scientific research, is the first and only organization dedicated to sales and marketing professionals within the life sciences.

The association’s goal is to serve its members who work in commercial roles for life science products and services companies and associated businesses, globally.
SAMPS was previously named ACP-LS. We feel that SAMPS more clearly describes the membership, and will form a better foundation from which to expand this membership globally. 
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