SAMPS was previously Association of Commercial Professionals for Life Sciences (ACP-LS)

Donate to the association

Donate to SAMPS

Thank you for considering a SAMPS donation. With the support of your generous donation, SAMPS can accelerate the development of valuable programs. Earmark your donations to support a specific program like those below, or suggest your own program.  

Or make a sizeable donation and have your name or another person’s name associated with a program. For example, “The Carol Smith Career Development Center”.

The United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recognizes ACP-LS DBA SAMPS as tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c) 3.  According to the IRS, donors can deduct contributions they make to SAMPS as provided in IRC Section 170. SAMPS is also qualified to receive tax deductible requests, legacies, devices, transfers, or gifts under IRC sections 2055, 2106, and 2522. Please consult your tax advisor regarding your personal tax implications.

Potential programs in need of financial and volunteer support include.

SAMPS Certification Program

The SAMPS Certification will be designed to expand knowledge, demonstrate commitment, and afford credibility to help advance careers of life science supplier sales and marketing professionals, or those that wish to become sales and marketing professionals. The certification will provide recognition and demonstration of professional competency. Content needed to achieve certification will be available in the SAMPS Certification Study Guide. The certification will be specific to marketing and selling the products and services provided by life science product and service suppliers.

Potential SAMPS Certification candidates may include those;

SAMPS Career Development Center

Our vision of the Career Development Center is two-fold. First we wish SAMPS to become THE place that folks in our industry go to find their next job.  And second we wish to provide valuable career development information, like a mentoring program.

SAMPS Mentoring Program

The SAMPS Mentoring Program aims to match mentors, who have experience in selling and marketing life science products and services, with mentees, who have less experience. Mentors will have the opportunity to give back to the field that supported their own development and mentees will be able to receive valuable advice in a structured program.

SAMPS Local Meetings / Chapters

SAMPS currently has local chapters and interest has been expressed in growing the existing chapters and creating new chapters to enable additional networking and professional development opportunities.

SAMPS Research Projects

SAMPS Research Projects are designed to provide insights into the SAMPS environment. For example, we have partnered with Ed’s Job list to produce a salary survey.  And we have partnered with Science Magazine to study how customers buy the service and products that we sell.

SAMPS Content Development Program

While we are very pleased with our volunteer Editorial Board, your generous donations can help fund more frequent content specifically designed for the people in the SAMPS. In particular members have asked for us to enhance our content around;


SAMPS is the premier organization of all life science commercial professionals (sales, marketing, business development, client services, commercial operations, technical support, etc.) dedicated to selling and marketing to organizations that discover, develop, and manufacture pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic products and therapies.


SAMPS provides a dynamic international forum for the exchange of knowledge among life science commercial professionals. We offer timely commercial and scientific programs, ongoing education, opportunities for networking, and professional development.
The first and only conference for the professional development of life science salespersons and marketers. SAMPS  started 6 years ago under the name SAMPS with the goals of offering a community of peers the ability to learn from experts in the field. Over these 6 years much of the industry has changed. What worked then, is not necessarily what works now. This is why SAMPS is so important. The Annual Meeting tackles the most current issues we face in our industry, and allows us to take away practical solutions that can be enacted almost immediately within our companies.

Join us October 23-25 - Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District

SAMPS, Sales And Marketing Professionals in Scientific research, is the first and only organization dedicated to sales and marketing professionals within the life sciences.

The association’s goal is to serve its members who work in commercial roles for life science products and services companies and associated businesses, globally.
SAMPS was previously named ACP-LS. We feel that SAMPS more clearly describes the membership, and will form a better foundation from which to expand this membership globally. 
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