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Ed’s Job List Connects Life Science Talent to Opportunities

May 4, 2015

Job_HuntingWould you believe me if I told you that there was a portal in the universe where life science commercial professionals connect with recruiters and companies to fill jobs? Probably not.

But if you're looking for a sales or marketing job or have a job to post, you should know that there is a resource that is exclusively for life science sales and marketing professionals.

Ed's Job List (EJL) doesn't advertise. The Web site comprises a single page and a form. Yet 15 to 25 people join the list every day, with Ed sending out 150 to 250 job openings each month.

It's a win-win-win.

How to subscribe to Ed's Job List

Go to Click on the button for either JOB SEEKERS or RECRUITERS and fill out the (minimal) information. The form will ask who referred you, what blog mentioned the list, or at which trade show you met Ed.

Select the category of jobs and region(s) in which you are interested. Then fill in your name, email address, and city/state. That's it. No need to create a profile or upload a résumé that will inform your boss that you're looking.

The screening process adds value for both job seekers and recruiters/hiring managers. Job hunters get access to postings that they might not find anywhere else (with salary ranges). Recruiters see only applicants vetted for a life science or med/tech degree.

Ed personally screens each applicant, but he isn't interested in your job history. He checks applicants' LinkedIn profiles to ensure that they have a life science degree. If you don't have a LinkedIn profile, you'll need to send him a résumé within 36 hours. Ed takes the QC seriously.

How does he find the jobs? Ed has built an extensive network. If you ever get the chance to talk with him, you'll understand how. He doesn't seem to be the kind of guy who wants to connect for the sake of connecting. I get the impression that he isn't happy unless he's making something happen.

That seems to be working for him, his list members, and recruiters.

That translates into a measure of past EJL successes. Table 1 shows the number of life science jobs — sales, management, marketing, field service, application specialist, clinical diagnostics, medical diagnostics —filled by EJL members.


Life Science Jobs
Filled by List Members
2010 104
2011 128
2012 100
2013 72
2014 97

Table 1. Number of jobs attained by list members

From January 1 to April 3 of this year, 28 EJL jobs have been taken by EJL members; 811 jobs have been filled since November 1, 1999. Keep in mind that Ed first hit 100 jobs posted in a month in November of 2006. Not bad for a hobby turned into a business. Ed gets a back-end payment from recruiters when a list member fills a position.

Although he is 74 and retired, Ed still travels to the major shows (Pittcon, AACR, ASCB, ASHG, etc.) to meet people and find companies looking for talent.

Research and Education

EJL adds value beyond the hiring process.

Companies want to know what competitors are paying, while job seekers want to know what they are worth. Every job posting has a salary range in the subject line. Recruiters — if you won't reveal the range, you won't be posting on Ed's list. It's that simple.

Senior executives have told Ed that they watch his list to know what they need to pay to attract talent. One list member used the salary ranges for comparable jobs to negotiate a 10K signing bonus.

Make sure to read Ed's (extensive) welcome letter, which iincludes valuable tips on your job search. You'll also get a lesson in old-school, direct-response copywriting. Ed tosses in tidbits and over 100 testimonials to keep you traveling down the page. For example, "Your jobs list has been by far the best resource I have had in searching for employment. I can't believe I am only the 52nd person to find two jobs since your beginnings! I wonder how much that has to do with placing people in great jobs where they don't want to leave though. Anyway thank you very much and I will continue to use EJL as a resource."

Don't forget to request Ed's archive from the previous 16 weeks, which likely will include positions that are still open and provide a few more bonus tips for your job hunt.

Who is Ed Greene?

If you're wondering who Ed is, you'll get a detailed introduction in your first welcome letter. Here's a short summary. Ed is a former BioTech R&D and clinical diagnostics sales rep who began his career before a life science degree was required. In the late '90s, he was a member of two vendor groups based in Southern California and the San Francisco Bay area that hosted over 100 table-top shows per year. Friends and colleagues would ask him to email job openings from his network, which eventually grew into his current business. He "retired" in 2006, but doesn't seem like he'll be stopping anytime soon.

Chris Conner

Chris ConnerChris Conner is the Director of Marketing for SAMPS. He has led global marketing communications programs for major life science companies. Chris helps companies simplify content marketing to generate and close more qualified leads with fewer resources and less effort. He is also the host of Life Science Marketing Radio, a podcast where marketing leaders inside and outside the sciences share their knowledge to help you increase your marketing ROI.

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