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Basic membership is for all life science commercial professionals in sales and marketing etc. as described below including individuals, working for agencies, publishers and others that perform commercial consulting services for members.  Basic membership gives you access to the newsletter, exclusive content including the SAMPS Salary Survey, professional development, networking and volunteer leadership opportunities.
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Supporting membership is for life science commercial professionals (sales, marketing, business development, client services, commercial operations, technical support, etc.) dedicated to selling and marketing to organizations (academic, government and commercial) that do research, discover, develop, and manufacture pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic products and therapies. In addition, membership is available to individuals, or companies with a single employee, that perform commercial consulting services for members.
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Sustaining membership

Sustaining membership is for certain potential members including marketing and sales services providers, publishers, conference companies, and scientific associations, as well as other organizations at the discretion of the SAMPS. Please note, as described above, individuals who perform commercial consulting work may become standard members. Employees working for companies that perform commercial consulting work, that have more than one employee, may become sustaining members.
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