SAMPS was previously Association of Commercial Professionals for Life Sciences (ACP-LS)

Vendor Directory

The Directory is provided as resource for the SAMPS community and the general public. To add your business (name and contact information) to this list, contact us online.

SAMPS Partners - Enhanced Listing


Compass Life Science Leads -

Will Volny


Covalent Bonds -

Laura Browne

Ingeniux - Modern content management software for websites, apps, intranets and enterprise portals.

Keith Osiewicz

Kinetogram Marketing logo


Kinetogram Marketing -  A subscription-based agency disrupting marketing through integrated campaigns
Joanne Dimitrakopoulos

Life Science Marketing Radio -

Chris Conner

The Linus Group -

Sushmita Venkatraman


Media Matrix -

Michael Olenski

Raindrop Agency - We have been building custom award-winning VR/MR/AR experiences since 2014.

Chris Bybee

Razor Profiles -

Walter Lentfert

Scientist Solutions -

Marcia Allen


Vendor Directory Pub/Portal   617-475-9203
Accenture LLP Cloud Services   877-889-9009
Acenna Data Marketing Ethan Kopit 609-216-0004
The Avoca Group Market Research / Partnerships Mgmt Patty Leuchten 609-252-9020
BioBM Consulting Marketing Carlton Hoyt 313-312-4626
Biocompare Pub/Portal   800-637-1277
Bioinformatics LLC Market Research Greg Thompson 703-778-3080
BioMed Central Advertising Alex Palmer +44 (0)20 3192 2009
BioPharma Market Pub/Portal Jeanette Walker 44-0-01223-421555
Bioprocess International Pub/Portal   508-616-5550
BioSciRegister Pub/Portal   919-387-8185
BioSpace Pub/Portal   877-277-7585
Biotechnology Calendar Conference Company Yolanda Nieuwkerk 530-272-6675
Biotraction Marketing E. Faye Coggins 301-309-3537
Business Reviews Webinars    
Cambridge Healthtech Institute Conference Company Phillips Kuhl 888-999-6288
Ceino Technologies, Inc. Mobile, Cloud-based Applications Madhu Augustine ‭(650) 504-3780‬
Cell Press Pub/Portal Joseph Caputo (617) 661-7057‬
CG Life Marketing Steve Johnson 312-997-2436
PharmaCircle Pub/Portal Thomas DePaul 800-439-5130
Coalesce Corportion Market Research Courtney Anderson 415-384-3040
Compass Life Science Leads Lead Generation Will Volny 630-385-2239
Comprendia Marketing Mary Canady 888-588-3340
Contact Canada Pub/Portal   888-502-6666 Pub/Portal   855-377-6821
ContractPharma Pub/Portal   201-825-2552
Covalent Bonds Marketing Operations Laura Browne 978-893-9618
DrugDevCompare / PharmaCompare Pub/Portal   317-284-1265
Essentia Communications Marketing Mark Lepinske 608-937-0001
Eye Integrated Marketing   252-353-0722
FatStax Sales Management   800-734-7750
FindingPharma Placement Agency   480-355-5278
Forma Life Sciences Marketing   919-832-1244
Freedonia Group Market Research   440-684-9600
Genovative Solutions Marketing Jeff Protentis 617-901-2887
Grand Interactive App Development   617-606-9674
Industry Standard Research Market Research   919-301-0106
Ingeniux E-Marketing Keith Osiewicz 202-409-4367
JK Design Marketing Andrea Wolkovsky 908-428-4700
KDM Communications Marketing   44-14-8040-5333
Kinetogram Marketing Marketing  Joanne Dimitrakopoulos 415-723-2867
Knect365 Conference Company   888-670-8200
Lab Animals Buyer’s Guide Pub/Portal    
Lab Bulletin Pub/Portal    
Lab Mate Pub/Portal   44-0-1727-858840
LabCompare Pub/Portal   800-637-1277
LabRoots Pub/Portal   714-926-6384
Life Science Leader Pub/Portal Perry Rearick 814-897-7700
Life Science Marketing Radio Podcast Chris Conner 925-322-1451
Life Science Strategy Group Market Research Jon Meyer 800-941–6373
Linscott’s Directory of Biological and Immunological Reagents Pub/Portal   (415)-389-9674
Linus Marketing Sushmita Venkatraman 510-547-7100
Marcus Evans Conference Company   312-540-3000
Marketo CRM   877-260-6586
Media Matrix Marketing Michael Olenski 215-444-9400
Multiview, Inc. Pub/Portal   800-816-6710
Nice Insights Market Research Nigel Walker 212-366-4455
Oracle Marketing Cloud CRM   855-695-4418
Outsourcing Pharma Pub/Portal    
Percepta Associates Market Research   877-597-9236
Pharmaceutical Education and Research Institute Training   703-276–0178
Pharmaceutical Executive Pub/Portal   212-951-6600
PharmaTech Pub/Portal   800-383-6610
PharmSource Lead Generation Judy Ludwin Miller 703-383-4903
Pinnacle Marketing Communications Marketing Matt Wilkinson 44-20-8429-6548
PubGrade Advertising Philipp Eckerle +49 24193672513
Pyxis Communications Marketing Shannon Meirzon 203-550-5978
Raindrop Agency Custom VR/MR/AR experiences Chris Bybee 801-928-6616
Razor Profiles E-Marketing Walter Lentfert 800-595-0735 CRM   800-667-6389
Sci5 Development Marketing   888-699-7245
Science/AAAS Pub/Portal Laurie Faraday 508-747-9395 Pub/Portal Kevin Lustig 877-644-3044 x201
Scientist Solutions Pub/Portal Marcia Allen 866-866-7480
Scientist Solutions – Events Conference Company Refer to Contact Directory 530-272-6675
SciLeads, Ltd. Marketing Laura Haldane 44 7752 008332
Scorr Marketing Marketing Lea Studer (308) 237 5567
Select Science Pub/Portal    
Spring Partnerships, LLP Business Perfomance Stephen Archer 44 1494 837837
Stellar Meetings and Events Conference Company Bonni Scepkowski 732-422-8888
Strategy Factory Market Research   630-761-9048
Technology Networks Pub/Portal   44-0-1787-319234
That’s Nice Marketing Nigel Walker 212-366-4455
UP There Everywhere Marketing Eric Dowell 609-575-2702
Westburg Sales Outsourcing   31-33-495009

SAMPS, Sales And Marketing Professionals in Scientific research, is the first and only organization dedicated to sales and marketing professionals within the life sciences.

The association’s goal is to serve its members who work in commercial roles for life science products and services companies and associated businesses, globally.
SAMPS was previously named ACP-LS. We feel that SAMPS more clearly describes the membership, and will form a better foundation from which to expand this membership globally. 
© Copyright 2019 -SAMPS-serving Sales And Marketing Professionals in Scientific research 
All Rights Reserved
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