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How to engage scientists in the digital age

Antonietta Allocca

Senior Manager Branding and Marketing Communications at Tecan

Maximising the power of the web, social media and its role in attracting people to events

Anto Allocca, senior manager of branding and marketing communications from Tecan, will talk about how to maximise the power of the web, digital and social media in marketing to scientists. As part of the presentation she will also show how to use digital tools in attracting visitors to events.


A millenial with a passion for paper books, Antonietta Maria Lucia, better known to the world as Anto, is Senior Branding, Marketing and Communication Manager at Tecan.
In her experience in the healthcare industry, she has worked on a variety of different brand and communication projects, including acquisitions and a major rebranding of the company.
In nearly 8 years with Tecan, she has seen the company evolving to a very heavy digital-based marketing plan where social media, landing pages, content and persona-based marketing are in the daily vocabulary.
Anto was no stranger to content marketing and working for a brand that puts a lot of focus on storytelling, her role has been key in giving a voice to the sources of content within the company offering platforms to share messages as well as help in shaping it in the right format to match the receiving audience.
Most recently, her attention has shifted to a big project for global tradeshows: bring one of the biggest business cards up to speed with the other marketing channels as well as creating a consistent environment for customer to interact with the brand. How do you create a space that can accommodate the needs of all your personas?
Come to the talk to find out more!
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David Weber

Vice-President and Chief Commercial Officer at Maravai Life Sciences

Punching above your weight with marketing

Despite massive consolidation in the life sciences industry, even today, not every business is a Thermo Fisher or a Danaher. David as CCO of Maravai leads the commercial teams in a group of small to medium sized enterprises where resources to enable effective customer reach are always going to be lighter than the big players. Maravai is not a fully consolidated group, the member companies maintain their own sales and marketing functions and so contrary to the corporate’s theory, greater effectiveness is achieved through small teams with dedicated domain expertise. This contrary to the corporate playbook model is an interesting and highly instructive example of commercial power through dedicated focus as opposed to an ‘umbrella’ brand model. It is perhaps also a vindication for those people who have seen products and brands disappear and lose value under the corporate mentality.


Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer
David comes to Maravai LifeSciences with over 35 years of experience in life sciences industry commercial leadership and general management.

David is responsible for all marketing, sales, product development, commercial strategy, service and support for all Maravai LifeSciences portfolio companies. Prior to joining Maravai LifeSciences, David served as Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer for Affymetrix leading up to its acquisition by Thermo Fisher Scientific. Earlier in his career, David held a variety of commercial leadership roles in life science companies including Amersham Biosciences (GE Healthcare), Eksigent Technologies, Cyntellect, Stratagene and The Linus Group.
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Laura Haldane

Sales & Marketing Manager at SciLeads | Scientific Sales Specialist at scileads

Using Big Data to Create Personalised Messaging

The rise of open data, in particular greater transparency on government spending and open science, means there is more data than ever available about your potential customers. We know that greater personalization results in higher conversions, whether it be more sales or more leads, but how can you take advantage of the increasing amounts of data to drive results? This talk will look at the data that’s available and how taking advantage, companies are empowered to create relevant, timely and specific messaging that get better results. 


Laura has over ten year's sales experience across a wide range of scientific industries. Her past sales and marketing experience spans from selling reagents globally to working with a team of distributors providing equipment for microscopy and materials research. Most recently she was Global Head of Business Development for a company who produce tools for Next Generation Sequencing. Laura is now Head of Sales and Marketing for Scileads, a market intelligence platform for the Life Science and Material Research market. Laura's sales techniques were used to guide the development of the platform to ensure it closely met the needs of similar sales people.
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Gina MUllane

Corporate Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Charles River

Capturing new customers with integrated marketing campaigns that use storytelling in a new way

Everyone loves stories. They’ve opened up our imaginations, connected us with unsung heroes and made a lasting impact on our memories. How can marketers be empowered to tell powerful stories of a product or a brand that help fit into an organization’s short and long-term plan? What are the benefits of using story-telling modalities to change internal and external audience behavior? Gina Mullane, the Corporate Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer at Charles River Labs (CRL) will share how CRL's marketing team used the power of storytelling to change Charles River Lab’s brand perception, increase its awareness in the market and convert prospects to customers. By sharing the story of Evie, a young girl born with a rare bone disease—CRL celebrated a network of scientists, clinicians and researchers who work tirelessly on life-changing drug discovery and development and not only overcame general skepticism but also challenged myths about the Pharma-CRO collaboration today. In this session, Gina will talk about the art of combining storytelling and marketing to emotionally and creatively celebrate a brand and highlight the steps required to craft a story that lives in breath your mission—inside and out. 


Gina Mullane has spent 20+ years at Charles River Labs. She started as a microbiologist and has held numerous marketing and product management jobs in the areas of pre-clinical, research models, biologics, manufacturing and discovery. She helped to launch an FDA licensed product in 1993 and has built and launched several branding initiatives, integrated small and large companies, and helped to grow and improve the scientific image for the company. She built an effective global team of over 60 marketing professionals and works every day to prove the value of marketing with extensive analysis and reporting of ROI.
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Stephen Archer

Commercial Consultant & Business Analyst
Founding Partner Spring Partnerships

Creating the most valuable messages: Insights and the consequences of buying a product

Reaching customers today has never been more challenging and so too is the ability to engage and convert them. Why? Amongst the many reasons is the ability of customers to ‘self-inform’ and therefore in their mind no longer have the same need for a marketing message or a sales person to give them the answers. But sales and marketing is still essential, the difference is the messaging. The messaging that provokes customers to react positively is the messaging that truly educates, enlightens and enables customers to see the importance of your services. The winning message speaks to the value to them of the service that your product will give to their objectives. Marketing of products is therefore arguably dead. Stephen will expand on this theme and what it means to marketers and commercial leaders and prove how this model works.


Stephen Archer has been running his own consultancy and service businesses since 1990. He is founder partner of Spring Partnerships, which started in 2003 as a dedicated Life Sciences commercial consultancy. Previously he was chairman of AYM, the company he established in 1990 and sold to his management via an MBO in autumn 2000.

Stephen’s focus is on commercial excellence, performance and structures to serve commercial strategies. He has over 25 years experience in consulting for life science businesses. Stephen has worked with businesses on nutrition, diagnostics, clinical trials, life sciences and clinical equipment. Over the past five years Stephen has developed and executed the innovative ‘Selling with Insight’ programme for sales and marketing functions.

His skills include leadership mentoring and development and facilitation of change groups. Stephen is an economics, business and motivational speaker with the London Speaker Bureau.

His underlying passion is for the creation of a sustainable culture which of itself becomes the biggest enabler of growth and profit.

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Robert England

Head of UP for Life At Up There, everywhere

Marketing to people with emotion rather than data

There's been a lot said about scientists only responding to data and information, but Dr Robert England takes on this myth.
Dr England will set out the case for marketing to scientists using not just facts but emotion as well. In fact he makes the case that scientists are the most emotional of human beings.
As a life long scientist and marketeer, it’s sure to be a fact filled, but emotional, presentation.


Robert England is a Founding Member of UP THERE, EVERYWHERE and leads UP FOR LIFE, the life science, medical device and healthcare area. He is focused on building a worldwide community of experts in science branding and marketing. He is actively involved in key client projects for a number of UP clients and non-profit organisations around the world.
Following a PhD in Applied Biology in the U.K., Robert relocated to Sweden for postdoctoral research and moved into biotech business. He worked in sales and marketing in European and US VC-funded startups launching life science technologies, among them confocal imaging, organic synthesis and Next Generation Sequencing chemistry.
He has created highly successful go-to-market strategies for GE Healthcare, Microsoft, International Diabetes Federation, Dako (Agilent Technologies), Affymetrix (Thermo Fisher Scientific), US Pharmacopeia, Solvias and Tecan, among others.
If you want to get his attention, just start talking about Bowie.

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Andy Bertera

Executive director of marketing at New England Biolabs

The importance of reputation  and how to  use it to attract and keep loyal customers.

It has been stated that customer experience is the source of all competitive advantage. And yet, in today’s digital and everchanging world, continually developing best-in-class customer experiences is no small feat, particularly for small and medium-sized companies. In this presentation, Andy will explore how a company’s values play a role in the development of their customer experiences, and how this, and the brand that they embody, can result in long-term customer loyalty. The presentation will specifically focus on New England Biolabs’ approach to these challenges in the life sciences market and how NEB is evolving to address them in today’s digital world.


Andy joined New England Biolabs® (NEB®) in 2009, having previously worked in a variety of R&D, marketing, and senior management positions at Amersham, GE and Promega. As Executive Director of Marketing & Sales, Andy is responsible for the development and implementation of NEB’s commercialization strategies and tactics, including the disciplines of market research, product management, channel and order management, sales, digital marketing, and scientific and marketing communications. NEB’s Marketing, US Sales and US Customer Service teams all report directly to Andy, giving him the opportunity to continually enhance the NEB customer experience in the US market.

Andy is also the NEB representative at the Analytical, Life Science & Diagnostics Association (ALDA) Executive Management Meetings, and is a board member of the Association of Commercial Professionals - Life Sciences (SAMPS), now SAMPS.

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Axel Tandberg

Founding partner at PrivacyWorks

GDPR and marketing in the life sciences industry.

The GDPR changed how the public view their personal data and how others may have access to it. As being an industry that has always processed sensitive data and therefore have been forced to treat personal data with extra care, it is the chance for the life sciences industry to shine, as an industry that has lived and thrived on the trust of the patients of the data it has been using. However, it is time to ensure that we within the life science industry truly walk the talk when it comes to that trust and work with either a person’s consent or with anonymized data in our research and marketing.


Axel Tandberg, one of the founding partners of PrivacyWorks, has been working within the marketing sector and data protection since 2000 within FEDMA (the pan-European direct, data-driven and interactive marketing trade association) and SWEDMA. He has also been working with the life sciences industry for many years dealing with data privacy challenges. As Axel is keeping an eye on the developments within the EU, he has great understanding of marketing practices today and tomorrow.

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