Understand Your Users: Google Analytics for Life Sciences

SAMPS 2017 Annual Meeting: Marketing

Learn from an experienced Marketer and expert Google Analytics/Tag Manager trainer using real world examples and client case studies to guide your Analytics strategy for the next year. Hosted by Lunametrics.

These days, every company has a website. It's a prerequisite for doing business. For many, our websites are the first and potentially most important interaction that we can have with our prospects and future customers.

Google Analytics opens the door to greater insight about our website and our users. Starting with the basics, Google Analytics can help answers questions about how people find your site, what pages they view and actions they take. More importantly, analytics can help influence business decisions by helping to determine return on investments in paid advertising, and can even begin influencing your sales process.

While Google Analytics has immediate out-of-the-box benefits, this session is geared to provide actionable steps for both the marketer and decision maker to make sure you're customizing the platform and enabling data-driven decision-making.

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